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PATH P is on the path to inspire the masses with his new single “Leviathan”

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With all the negative redundant music flooding the industry, PATH P aims to clear the air for a better hip hop era with single “Leviathan.”

Born Colin Lawton, of Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY, he has adopted a new name over the times to become Hesire (Heh-zeer) Ka Nefer’RA, Hesire Lawton for short. Little did he know that he would yet again have another name to his future. With the push of his friend and brother, Ganz, a former rapper, Lawton would begin a career in music under the moniker PATH P (Positioned At The Highest Point). After having his fire and passion for music further ignited upon meeting artist and producer, Thre3. Alongside Thre3 and artists like MythMuzik and Almighty Wise of Gamerunners Entertainment, PATH P created numerous projects and singles. Including musical influences like lyricists like Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, PATH P became a rapper with immaculate story-telling abilities.

Since then, he has used his music to not only create music persons can bump to, but heal and be enlightened to as well. His music fights against the struggle and oppression faced by people of color, trying to bridge the gap back to the humanity that society is losing over time. His music reflects the current social climate of the world through means of raw unfiltered lyricism with depth and meaning. Inspired by artist and leader Nina Simone, PATH P embraces his gift of music as a responsibility to enlighten the world and fight for equality and justice while lifting hip hop to be a genre that encourages respect, passion, self-worth, and hope.

With accolades like Grammy considerations under his resume, PATH P comes for the jugular of fake mundane rappers with upcoming self-produced and engineered single “Leviathan.” It’s a track with a strong conviction and meaning. It’s an anthem for the underground, a voice aimed at the mainstream, a stance against the violence, drugs, misogyny, and materialism that has corrupted the artform that is hip hop. “Leviathan” gives true Emcee’s their due credit for their consistent quality compositions that rebels against the current trends of watered-down music. PATH P dissects the beat with pinpoint lyricism that articulates the soul of a disciple of hip hop. How he composed a track that has an infectious bounce yet still layered with dope delivery and message is only known to PATH P. His level of artistry resides on a level of its own. Check out the dope catalog of PATH P and await the arrival of his new single “Leviathan” on April 5th.

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