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Lindon releases “How Many Timez,” directed by Xhon Dang

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Up-and-Coming artist Lindon, is here to take his crown. If you listen to any of his tracks, it is apparent that he is a conscious rapper, elevating everyone’s souls in order to reach a high vibration. Proving he has many sides to him, Lindon shows us how dedicated he is to his craft in “How Many Timez.”
Throughout the music video, Lindon lets us know that he isn’t here to play any games at all. Xhon Dang does a beautiful job portraying that through the visuals. “How Many Timez” is directed by Xhon Dang, where we see how he meticulously shoots every single shot and powerfully directs every scene. With over 11 years of experience, Xhon has put in way more than the necessary hours needed to become a professional and his work product has conveyed that beautifully.
Exuding confidence, Lindon  is here to take what’s rightfully his, defeating his own self (the only person standing in his way) in the boxing ring. Anyone else should quickly get out of his way because he is here to reach the top.

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