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Ohio Native Trip Releases Stunning Vision For Buried Pain

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Now that we’re about 1 full year into dealing with Covid – 19, many people have been ready to move on from the impact and have been using music to heal. Trip is an artist from Ohio, now in Seattle, who released his impactful visual on March 19th. His video is a relatable concept about the struggle one can go through, only giving them the option to ‘bury the pain’.

This is Trip’s first release of 2021 which makes it a special one. Since his last drop in 2020, Trip fans have been months to see what the rapper would do next. Sure enough, he did not disappoint, showing the audience a glimpse into Trip’s life and how he’s couped with his problems.

Trip makes music not only for himself, but also so that he can help others along the way. So far, his song “Buried Pain” seems to be having that effect and can be fully watched below.

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