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Maurice Hamell Partners With Ruby Recordings to Launch Boss Figure Label

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Maurice Hamell, a hip-hop recording artist, record producer, songwriter, and businessman who is head of A&R at Ruby Recordings recently started his own imprint Boss Figure Records.

Ruby Recordings is a full-service label that is taking a unique approach to artist development. Without adhering to standard deals and label practices, Ruby Recordings individually tailors its marketing and promotion to the needs of each artist. They work with their artist partners to maximize revenue potential for both parties. Ruby Recordings is committed to developing new acts and further developing established acts that have laid the groundwork with previous sales and successes.

Holding the title of president of Boss Figure, a joint venture with Ruby Recordings, Maurice will oversee the label and build a staff to sign and develop artists. The label will also handle its own operations, creative strategy, marketing, and business affairs. Maurice is also planning to open a recording studio for use by the label’s artists.

The label has no artists signed yet and no time frame to get started. His goal is to sign artists with staying power rather than ones who might enjoy a month of success via social media channels. Trizzy noted that Maurice has been forwarding him plenty of music: “He has a super keen eye.”

Maurice partnership with Ruby Recordings will provide Boss Figure the ability to strategically leverage The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music, marketing, and promotions teams for select artists and projects.

Maurice wants to hear from you and see what you bring to the table. Follow him on Instagram at @BossFigureNYC to learn more, and maybe shoot your shot at making it big.

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