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Chanda Tresvant – “Don’t Look At Me”

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Rapper Chanda Tresvant has recently released her latest single Don’t Look At Me.
“This song is about people stalking you on social media, hating what you do, but still act all nice in front of you”, explained Chanda.
“It’s based on a real-life altercation I had with someone, and I immediately went to the studio to record it the next day”.
Based in Los Angeles, California, Chanda grew up watching her father recording music and doing radio promotion.
Knowing the entertainment business was for her, she picked up the trumpet and began acting classes in school. While on a waitressing gig, Chanda was scouted by a casting director to be an extra on an upcoming Father music video. She then went on to star in further MVs featuring the likes of Nipsey Hussle, Young Dolph, and Neyo among many others.
Transitioning to a music career was the next natural progression. In 2018, Chanda released her debut single and went on to perform in the Sweet Auburn Spring Fest and other notable local shows.

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