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“What You Gone Do” Video Out Now From LexC Michelle

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This video is all about empowering women and letting them know that it’s ok to make the first move. Women have always asked me how I always get the man that I want and the answer is always “sometimes men are naive to knowing if a woman likes them or not.. I’ve never been afraid to let a man know that I’m interested. What he does with that information is up to him. Which is the reason for my follow up question of “What You Gone Do?”
-LexC Michelle

LexC Michelle is a talented R&B, Soul, Pop Singer-Songwriter born in the artsy city of Atlanta, Georgia. At a very young age, LexC knew that her passion was to sing on stage, unaware of her ability to also write songs until tragedy struck at home. She said, “It was very hard dealing with my stepfathers passing, seeing as I looked up to him as if he were my biological father. I was dealing with a lot at that age, and I found an outlet through writing poetry.” LexC did not know then that this was the beginning of her career as a powerful songwriter. 


Moving to West Palm Beach, Florida at 14, LexC knew she had to get back to Atlanta if she wanted to make her dreams of becoming a singer come true. To pass the time and help build a name for herself, LexC set up a Youtube page in which she covered songs by her favorite artists and performed at local open mics in her free time, along with modeling. “It was all so nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time,” she said, “but every opportunity was an overall amazing experience.” After attending college and getting her Degree in Graphic Design at age 22, she packed up her bags and decided to head back home to Atlanta.


Since she has been in Atlanta, LexC has been networking with producers, singers and songwriters, and new and upcoming artists, all while getting up every day working 9-5 shifts to save up enough money to finish her first project. LexC has been vocally trained by Singer-Songwriter Shanrae Price, Background Vocalist and Writer Chantelle Ernandez, and Singer Song- Songwriter Antea Joy Birchett. ”Moving to Atlanta was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself. It’s an unexplainable feeling to actually chase your dreams and see progress.” She is looking forward to what the musical world has in store for her and her remarkable talents.

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