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G Deep ft. Joe Alam – “Girl Next Door”

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Indian rap artist G Deep has just released his latest single “Girl Next Door”.

Collaborating with Pakistani rising star Joe Alam, the duo proves that music isn’t bounded by politics as they bridge cultural divides with this catchy track.

“I’ve wanted nothing more than to bring my music to the masses, no matter what the language or background,” said G Deep exclusively. “I’m thrilled to be able to do that with “Girl Next Door,” and what’s more, I’m bringing along Joe Alam for the ride. Through music, we’ve shown that anything is possible, and even two cultures that don’t normally ‘come together’ can do so with the right beat.”

“Girl Next Door” features music by Harm Sandhu, with a video by The Sessionator, and is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube Music.

With over 1 million streams thus far, G Deep is proving that he’s one to watch.

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