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Florida rappers Yo Simi & Dredloc Esco deliver “Dummy” visual

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St. Petersburg, Fla.– Cannabis smokers unite with Yo Simi and Dredloc Esco’s euphoric lead single and cinematic music video Dummy In an ode to the sticky green, the St. Petersburg rappers set fire to a head-nodding, mid-tempo track wrapped in hypnotic chimes and slicing snares. In rapid-fire cadences, they pass verses back and forth like a perfectly rolled Backwoods. And by the time song is reduced to a roach, listeners are lost in space from this potent strand of music.

But that is just to get you hooked on their highly addictive sound and keep you coming back for more. The single is the first installment from Color Blind, an upcoming collaboration project between Yo Simi and Dredloc Esco scheduled to be released later this Fall. Following the release of “Dummy,” they are set to release singles and accompanying music videos for “Time” and “Blender.”

“Once you find your purpose,” says Yo Simi, “find a song that says it for you and play it out loud.”

Perhaps one of the purposes of their collaborative effort is to show a sense of unity between races. Yo Simi is white, and Dredloc Esco is black. And with each of them having their own separate fan base and regional notoriety, the alliance only made sense.

“Our upcoming project is great music,” says Dredloc Esco, “but it’s more than that. It’s authentic. It’s diverse, and it helps us get through the hectic times we’re living in.”

Check out “Dummy” visual below

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