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Wilai “ISARA”

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Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, Wilai is an upcoming young, talented artist residing in New York. She recently released her debut album “ISARA” this year, in 2020, which is a beautiful collection of 9 astounding songs. These songs include tracks titled – Paradise, I Got You, Anything, Piak, Personal, Down on Me, Glowin Up, He Said She Said, and Pray For.

Blending the heavy-hitting sounds of New York hip-hop, with influences of growing overseas, Wilai has made unique music, and at the same time soothing to the ears. The title of Wilai’s latest album “ISARA” is inspired by a Thai term meaning “Freedom”, and this is what this album is all about. To Wilai, nothing is more important than freedom, and this is what exactly she felt while creating this album, a strong feeling of emancipation. Wilai recorded this album with different people in NYC, Bangkok, and London, met new people and gained valuable lessons and experiences along her journey.

Wilai thrills us with her new single “I Got You” smooth hip-hop infused R&B cut that showcases her melodic and sultry vocals. “I Got You” has an immediate ring and charisma.

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