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Jookz – Yerrr

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Jookz. Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY rapper is known for his energetic records that always hype up the crowd. He returns with his new single ”Yerrr” that serves as the anthem for New Yorkers. Folding your pizza down the middle and going to see the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden is only 5% of what being a New Yorker is actually about. The day someone says Yerr to you while you’re walking down the street will be the day you become an official New Yorker. Let’s take a dive into the word Yerr. It was founded in New York City and is a slang word predominantly used when you want to get someone’s attention in a stylish way.

Jookz most definitely gets your attention from the very beginning of the song with the chorus “YERRR Pull up nice all of my life / Lit as night go and get right”. Jookz showcases his witty lyrical metaphors and comes out swinging on a UK drill beat. In my opinion this was the song of the summer for the underground hip hop scene. YERRR is that catchy vibeful record that can be played in strip clubs, house parties, or any type of celebration setting and is available on all streaming platforms @


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