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Visual 9 Takes Hip-Hop Back To It’s Roots On “Blue Skies”

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Visual 9 is an artist cut from a different cloth than most. Instead of chasing trends or scaling down the quality of a track in order to get plays, he instead focuses on crafting a quality track while adhering to old school hip-hop sounds.

His brand new single, “Blue Skies,” sounds like something straight out of an era that most hip-hops are clamoring to get back to.

The instrumentation on this track is soulful and spacious, with its warm synths and jazzy cymbal hits resonating hard from the get go. The vocal sample hanging in the background adds a lot of depth to an instrumental already oozing with satisfying musical elements. The overall sound aesthetic is dreamy — making the listener feel as if they’re floating on a cloud.

While the beat stands on its own as an enjoyable listen, Visual 9 takes everything up a notch with his top shelf lyrical game. Building a motif centered around blue skies and foreign women, 9’s bars are poetic and extremely visual, showing off his nifty word play and unending creativity. 9 also throws in some braggadocio for good measure, but with how much he brings it on this track, who can doubt him?

Despite his impeccable wordplay, 9 doesn’t come off as overbearing or unsettling. His flow is easygoing and confident, showing that killing a track is just another day at the office for him.

With “Blue Skies,” Visual 9 proves that lyricism still plays a big part in hip-hop culture. Although today’s airwaves are dominated by poppier trap sounds, there are still many MC’s who genuinely care about the art of crafting a hot verse — Visual 9 has proven he is more than capable of doing just that.


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