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Tupac on Growing Up Poor, His Rise to Fame & His Future (1995) | MTV News

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In 1995, Tupac Shakur and MTV News correspondent Tabitha Soren took a stroll down the Venice boardwalk for an in-depth conversation about where the rapper has been and where he sees himself going.

0:01 What does Tupac Amaru Shakur mean?
0:41 Moving to the West Coast and dropping out of art school
3:07 Moving out to the West Coast and being broke
3:53 Tupac on his mother, Afeni Shakur and drug addiction
5:16 Childhood and growing up
5:41 Dealing with traumatic experiences
7:42 Going from making pizza to joining Digital Underground
9:14 Tupac gets a tattoo
9:43 Getting introduced to the ‘thug mentality’
10:51 Growing up without a father
13:34 Working hard and success
14:27 Justice and finding the person who shot him
16:02 How life would be different if Tupac had a father
16:32 Tupac on being a father
17:46 Being in touch with his feminine side
18:15 Starting a community center with Mike Tyson
19:11 Distancing himself from a ‘thug life’ mentality
19:39 Being able to live a ‘normal’ or ‘happy’ life

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