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Jamaican native Brooklyn born reggae-pop crooner is ready to make an impact with his music on the international scene and ready to attract a broader fan base. Crushal is gearing up to release his first major project FRESH OUT EP. The project boasts seven songs which has a cool collection of catchy lyrics mixed with Afro-Caribbean percussive rhythms. With a groovy reggae pop-infused beat on his lovestruck single like “Love Jones“ that got us swaying and asking the question “what is Love?”.
Crushal doesn’t want to be Fresh Out of love is another stand out track that his female audience can appreciate as he professes his love and admiration for that special lady. With songs like “Gas Pump” and “Ackee and Saltfish,” Crushal displays his island vibe with these songs that have an upbeat tempo laced with soca and reggae beat to put you in a dancing mood. Most of the songs on the EP has a recurring theme of love and hate, which are evident if you listen to songs like “Happy I Met You,” “Fresh Out” and “Highway.” These songs are an intricate blend of R&B and pop bass line along with Crushal’s smooth vocals.

Crushal as a singer and a songwriter with his Jamaican roots in his early youth, discovered his love for music and honed his musical talents and has developed a unique style of music known as the sub-genre Electro Reggae-Pop. With his musical influences, Crushal manages to maintain a strong connection to soca and reggae in his songs. Hence, creating a lane for other artists and fans alike to identify with especially in the US. Fresh Out is an excellent way for Crushal to formally introduce himself as he showcases his talent as an artist and one that has so much potential. Overall Fresh Out is a great EP to vibe to especially in the summertime.

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