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David Shine “Dad Now” (Music Video)

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January 5th 2018 David Shine, best known for his comedic rapping style has released his new single and video “Dad Now.” The track is another win for Shine as  it shows off his ability to be funny and make good music. In the interview Shine spoke about how the song came about, “I was in the studio just messing around and me and my friends always talk about each other’s mothers in a relationship way as a joke. I came up with ‘Dad Now’ as the ultimate joke to tell everyone I’m their father” he laughed. The song is undeniably funny but the rapping is what sets him apart from your average jokester Artist. One thing for sure David Shine can rap. His ability to make funny songs with replay value are none like Artist out today. David Shine is a fresh voice in the rap world, and “Dad Now” is proof that he’s an artist to watch and check it out.
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