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Cash Sinatra Presents Iconic New Album ‘Hate How You Did Me, But I’m Still a Fan’

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Cash Sinatra, hailing from Brooklyn via Queens, showcases his brilliance in his latest album titled ‘Hate How You Did Me, But I’m Still a Fan’. Known for his sharp wit, lyrical prowess, and adept songwriting skills, Sinatra has been steadily garnering attention from new fans. His performances at renowned New York City venues such as Santos Party House, Webster Hall, Drom, Sobs, and many others have further solidified his place in the music scene.

The year 2016 marked a significant beginning for the young artist, with the release of his introspective project “Raheem” and a notable appearance on Sway In The Morning. Later that year, Sinatra graced the stage at Hot 97’s “Who’s Next” concert in NYC. His single “Activision” gained traction, reaching over 500,000 streams and achieving milestones on YouTube, making 2023 his most successful year yet.

Drawing inspiration from the realities of low-income neighborhoods and everyday life, Sinatra emerges not only as a voice for millennial minorities but also as an active Hip-Hop Philanthropist. Whether delving into relationships, community issues, setting vibes, or delivering lyrical prowess, Sinatra exhibits artistry and integrity in its truest form.

A devout fan of Michael Jackson, Sinatra’s musical journey was shaped by the golden era of the 90s, with influences ranging from Snoop Dogg to A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan. Later, he found inspiration in Jay-Z’s consistency in delivering quality music with compelling beats and lyrics. This ethos resonated with Sinatra, driving him to prioritize quality in his own music.

Sinatra’s creative process is organic, often starting with a concept for a track around which he builds a beat. Other times, he immerses himself in creating beats until one resonates with him, sparking the lyrical journey.

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