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Mayjah Payne, Los Angeles Hip Hop producer and recording artist, releases a project to help us “Ease The Payne”

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The mesmerizing and electrifying beats of the West Coast are about to knock louder than ever as Los Angeles-based hip hop artist and producer, Mayjah Payne, unleashes his latest music project onto the world today.


Following the success of his previous releases “Shh”, “High All My Life” and “Down For The Cause”, Mayjah Payne is poised to take the music scene by storm with this highly anticipated project. Known for his dynamic lyricism and innovative sound, Marc “Mayjah” Payne has crafted an album that pushes the boundaries of hip hop while paying homage to the rich musical history of Los Angeles amid the beef going on with Drake and Kendrick Lamar.


From the sun-soaked streets of LA to the nostalgic energy of its nightlife, Mayjah Payne draws inspiration from the city’s eclectic culture to deliver an authentic and captivating listening experience. With each track, listeners are invited on a journey through the artist’s personal narrative, exploring themes of resilience, triumph, and self-discovery.


“I wanted to create something that not only reflects my own experiences but also resonates with audiences on a deeper level to help them ease the pain,” says Mayjah Payne.


Featuring collaborations with some of the industry’s hottest producers and guest artists, the album showcases Mayjah Payne’s versatility and ability to seamlessly blend genres. From infectious hooks to thought-provoking verses, each song is a testament to the artist’s unwavering dedication to their craft.


As the world eagerly awaits the release of “Ease The Payne”, Mayjah Payne remains committed to staying true to his roots while continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary hip hop. With their unmistakable style and undeniable talent, Mayjah Payne is guaranteed to leave an indelible mark on the music industry for years to come.


“Ease The Payne” is now available on all major streaming platforms. For more information, visit Mayjah Payne’s official website at and follow them on social media for the latest updates and announcements.



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