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Rochelle Bloom Ignites the Music Scene with Her Groundbreaking “ELECTRIC CIRCUS” Album

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Trailblazing artist Rochelle Bloom is poised to shake the foundations of the music world with her latest masterpiece, “ELECTRIC CIRCUS.” Known for her evocative storytelling and unique soundscapes, Bloom’s new album offers a thrilling journey through the human experience, touching on themes of mental health, friendship, love, desire, addiction, and the quest for authenticity.

Already acclaimed in the music industry and recognized by figures like Joe Budden, as well as featuring on hit TV shows like Charmed, Bloom’s work transcends mere entertainment, embedding itself into the very fabric of contemporary culture. Her latest venture is no exception, promising to leave a lasting impact on her audience. 

A Sonic and Emotional Odyssey: “ELECTRIC CIRCUS” distinguishes itself with the involvement of voiceover icon Jill Perry, whose work with global brands such as Coca-Cola and Disney. adds a layer of depth to Bloom’s already potent lyrics. The album’s lead single “SOCIOPATH” feature on The Source, offers a raw glimpse into Bloom’s inner struggles, setting the tone for an album that’s as real as it is revolutionary. 

Unique to this album, each single’s artwork features paintings by Rochelle’s grandfather, a nod to the legacy of artistic excellence and historical significance, with his work previously adorning the study of Coretta Scott King. 

The album boasts standout tracks like “Opium,” with its dark ambient vibes and trap influences; Nother World” (and its EDM-infused remix by Wazad); “Jet Fuel ominous tones; and “Secrets,” which delivers hypnotic truths in a psychedelic soundscape. “Vapid Water” stands out as a yearning for meaningful connection beyond the superficial party culture. 

Rochelle Bloom, with roots in Northwest Indiana and now thriving in Atlanta, has opened for icons such as Ludacris. Her music videos have received nominations at prestigious film festivals, and her tracks have been featured on platforms like Sirius XM’s Sway in the Morning Show. 

An Electrifying Tour & Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse 

With “ELECTRIC CIRCUS”, Rochelle Bloom not only shares her musical journey but also a documentary providing a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s creation and her grandfather’s artistry, promising a unique insight. This album is not just music; it’s a mosaic of human emotion and experience, set to resonate with audiences far and wide. 

Rochelle Bloom’s “ELECTRIC CIRCUS” is a testament to the transformative power of music, art, and storytelling, poised to captivate listeners worldwide.


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