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KMC is the Next Big Label out of the South!

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There’s plaques on every wall throughout the space, all from a dozen chart-topping iconic hip-hop releases like Playboy Poppy “Most Valuable Playa” album, Playboy Poppy “Playa Problems” single and Playboy Poppy ft. Young Sunny Boy “Ok Cool” single. While this would be par for the course in L.A. or New York music industry enclaves, we’re in a less likely location. The downtown section of North-Eastern North Carolina, where the pioneering music company knows no bounds.

Guapo “GUAP” The Don speaks on the meaning behind, ‘Dawn of A New Era’. “Controlling the market share is what it’s all about,” says the ceo. “We created a system and a unique approach that allows us to streamline our artists into the forefront”. GUAP then goes on to say, “It’s simple. It’s our time now. The streets are tuned in to what we have going on. Like I said, ‘it’s the Dawn of A New Era’, we’re going to take what’s ours, by choice or by force!”

Stay tuned this summer as KMC doubles down and takes charge.

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