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Madfocused is here to stay and applying pressure—Pushin’ P!

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Following the release of their first collaborative project in 2023, they began conspiring to solidify a group: The two solo artists LuchyVal and JK22 had already worked together and generated their synergistic flow when the spunky lyricist, LeNoira, zapped in and balanced out the now genre-blending trio,”I love our sounds together, we can come across as zany; yet being so free-spirited, and unconventional is what helped us also become a solid team and great friends— we understand each other so well”.
MadFocused doesn’t wish to box themselves in, they like to push boundaries. While they often roost on the playful, and spirited side of things, they are quite layered, real, transparent. their latest releases strut boldly into another area of expression: these songs are hot-headed and sharp with delicious drama.

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