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Major Gains Music Agency: An Astounding Powerhouse Cultivating Musical Talent

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Major Gains Music Agency, the Multi-Genre Management & Marketing Company, is taking the music industry by storm with its unmatched talent, strategic marketing, & unparalleled success.

Led by an Extraordinary Team of visionary music moguls, & mentorship from Legendary music execs like Wendy Day, TJ Chapman, Dante Ross, Rapjuggernaut, Unc & more, This music agency is a force to be reckoned with, Discovering & Developing the sound of modern music & pushing artist passed boundaries of today’s entertainment industry.

Music executive Dominican Jay is a former music artist that experienced many forms of success in the 10+ years he devoted to the music industry as a solo & group artist of the Texas Legendary Wu-Tang styled rap group “The League of Extraordinary G’z” who toured the country on countless nationwide tours with the likes of Dead Prez, Strange Music, Scotty ATL, Starlito & others.

Signed to the major music agency “Audible Treats” is when Dominican Jay started to grow further interest in utilizing all of his acquired knowledge, resources & experience to assist artist in the Development of their music careers offering comprehensive strategies to reflect an evolving media landscape, amplifying & crafting narratives that stand out in a competitive entertainment Industry. Responsible for the growing numbers of independent artists being accepted at SXSW & Rolling Loud Music Festival, Dominican Jay is definitely one of the people shaking the room discreetly when it comes to behind the scenes work in the music industry.

This legacy of excellence has been carried forward through Dominican Jay’s tireless work ethic, strategic vision, & unwavering commitment to his clients working overtime to ensure their goals are met with each release.

Deep traction & fast momentum continues to unravel for his Major Gains Music Agency securing partnering ventures with top tier brands & entertainers such as Atlantic Records, Capitol Music Group, Origin Spring Water, Next Level DJs & more, to drive marketing strategies for key project releases to spread each organization’s shared vision across the globe.

Finalizing tasks on a Southern tour for his client & Major artist Wacotron (“Smokin Texas Tour”) Dominican Jay expresses his inspiring energy on the new music released by a diversified handful of artists under the Major Gains Music Agency roster found listed below…
Wacotron – “Vitamin Water
CasinoATX & Chalie Boy – “Wish U Could
NorthsideBully – “Olympic
LilJayFromDaO & Wacotron – “Where I’m From
Savvy Stan & G-Dolla – “Ryu & Ken”  

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