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Cartier WOW Emerges As A Rising Star In Hip Hop With The Release Of “Cartier Wow”

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Cincinnati/Albuquerque native Warrick Moore who goes by stage name Cartier WOW. Diverse fusion of melodies and word play, along with fashion and luxury, infused melodies and song writing in a unique way . Dropped project titled “Cartier WOW” April 5th. It’s gained internet buzz and taking the internet by storm, coupled with “Drip Short” YouTube videos.

Recently Dropped 2 “Drip Shorts” for record “CARTI” that caught steam on IG, FB, and YouTube. Giving a glimpse into the luxurious hustle culture of Cincinnati the waves are taking the streets by storm.

With Upcoming project titled “Entrapment” set to release April 20th, fans are on the lookout!

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