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The 55th NAACP Awards + Encountering Usher: Entertainer Of The Year By Lady Diviniti

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The 55th annual NAACP Image Awards, a night dedicated to honoring Black excellence was a star-studded event that left an indelible mark on all who attended. The awards celebrated outstanding achievements by black talent, storytellers, and producers with the prestigious Entertainer of the Year honor going to none other than the R&B superstar, Usher.

Usher: The Entertainer of the Year

Usher, a living legend in the music industry, was the star of the night. His remarkable three-decade career journey was recognized as he took home the prestigious Entertainer of the Year honor. Usher’s recent milestones include his sold-out Las Vegas residency, getting married, releasing his ninth studio album “Coming Home,” and delivering the most-watched Super Bowl halftime performance in history. In addition to the Entertainer of the Year award. Usher was also honored with the President’s Award for his public service efforts through the New Look Foundation. He acknowledged the influential women in his life, including his mother and new wife Jenn Goicoechea, whom he married after his Super Bowl performance last month.

A Personal Encounter with Usher by Lady Diviniti

“As much as I would have loved to pick his brain and even invite him to be a guest on our radio show, I actually did not intend to engage in any long winded conversations with Usher at this time, for a couple reasons. 1, it was his day to be honored and 2, just out of my respect for his wife who was by his side at that moment and my natural instinct to always move in a way where it’s not misinterpreted. So, I read the room and decided to keep it short and sweet by simply congratulating him on his award and quickly mentioning to him how I believed his halftime performance to be the most entertaining thus far, which I’ve also stated prior on, “Smoke A Lot Radio”. He seemed to receive my presence with gratitude before snapping a selfie with me.

Internally though, I felt a variety of emotions, mainly of excitement and joy. While reminiscing on all the Usher tunes I celebrated, cried, and danced to over the years. The living legend that means so much to our community was in my presence and I was lucky enough to capture a piece of that moment that I knew I could never forget. As a publicist, film producer, & event promoter in LA, I tend to work alongside and/or with many celebrities and I don’t normally get too nervous or excited as we’re all human (some harder workers than others) but certain stars… (and I mean I can probably only count them on like one and a half hands) just possess an undeniable aura or energy, and grace that radiates outward, forcing you to embody their magnificence in all its entirety.

Surely Usher is one of those special ones I’m referring to and in this case a picture was enough for me because it will hopefully serve as a reminder for myself and others to continue to go hard and always strive for what you want out of life. If I work hard enough maybe we will cross paths again. I’ll continue to pray and strive to achieve even a fraction of the impact Usher has made on society and especially the black community. NAACP did a great thing by giving Usher his flowers while he’s still around to smell them. I loved that for him and it was amazing to see him bask in all the love of the evening.” – Smoke A Lot Radio

Other Winners of the Night

The 55th NAACP Image Awards also celebrated other outstanding achievements. The critically acclaimed movie musical “The Color Purple” was among the big winners of the night, taking home four accolades including Outstanding Motion Picture. Colman Domingo received Image Awards for both Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his performances in “Rustin ” and “The Color Purple,” respectively. The NAACP Image Awards continue to be a beacon of recognition for Black excellence in the entertainment industry. It was indeed a night to remember, filled with joy, celebration, and recognition of the hard work and talent within the Black community.

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