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Myles Elliott – “Smoke One”

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 A new sound known as ‘sexy-drill‘ is taking over the New York Hip-Hop scene at the moment, with pioneers such as Cash Cobain and Chow Lee leading the way. It’s common other artists will attempt to join the popular wave and mimic the sound but of course not many are standing out.
Unlike Myles Elliott. The versatile Harlem talent recently released his new single “Smoke One,” and it’s an absolute banger. Produced by KeyMotionMyles is one of the few who successfully are contributing to ‘sexy-drill‘ and make it seem effortless.
Myles also wasted no time serving up the accompanying visual, directed by Mike G, with edits done by B Wavy. The cinematic video instantly enhances the already vibrant record, and presents Myles in a range of dynamic environments with seamless precision.
Having established a strong base and distinct musical persona, Myles Elliott is primed to further develop and polish his groundbreaking sound. Maneuvering through the eclectic realm of the New York music scene, Myles Elliott unquestionably emerges as a formidable presence, with his path marked by originality and dedication to his craft.
So get familiar if you aren’t already and “Smoke One” to Myles’ new track now! Available across all major digital streaming platforms.
Myles Elliott is a dynamic artist/songwriter/producer from the vibrant streets of New York. East Harlem to be specific. His journey into the world of music commenced in mid-2018 when he decided to fully dedicate himself to the craft. This initial foray laid the foundation for his artistic evolution, culminating in the release of his debut effort, “FAYM,” in 2022.
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