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“Midwest Player SSH” Drops Hot: Kale da Que and Crew Hit #16 on iTunes

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In the game-changing collab of the season, Cspot LLC and Kale da Que just unleashed “Midwest Player SSH,” and guess what? It’s already kickin’ it at #16 on the iTunes chart.

Kale da Que ain’t new to the charts, and he’s back in the spotlight, vibing hard alongside heavy hitters like Frank Vibes, Kaptino, Woo, Indya, Deladiea, and Lil Feva444.

Let’s talk beats – masterfully crafted by a squad that reads like a who’s who of producers: Frank Wade, Kevin Black, Big Feva, Ray Daniels, King Scratch, Daniel Bastine, Bill and Dana Evans, Emilee Wade, and Kimberly Broussard. This ain’t just music; it’s a symphony of sonic greatness.

“Midwest Player SSH” ain’t just making noise; it’s setting trends. Kale da Que and the crew, along with this killer lineup of producers, are turning heads and speakers up. Get ready; this track’s the talk of the town.

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