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If Straffa Boy is not already on your radar, he should be. The DC native has had many accolades. From starting his music career as the lead for a Gogo band, to be in heavy rotation on 93.9 WKYS to being co-signed by some of the hardest rap critic such as DJ Akademiks, it’s clear that Straffa is here to stay.

Growing up in the inner cities of DC, his childhood was far from easy. He lost many people close to him from gun violence including his cousin. Straffa often turned to music as his form of therapy and makes music telling real life stories that his fans can relate to. He wrote his first rap 14 years ago called Landover Errywhere, which became a hit in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virgina) area.

From his early “No More,” to his latest single “Know Nuffin,” Straffa puts on for his city. He just made the Classroom Barz DMV Underrated artist list and is currently working on his highly anticipated EP. We caught up Straffa for a Q&A to learn more about his musical journey. 

  1. Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
    Jay z, Dame Dash, Lil Wayne and the hot boys, Boosie, Bone thugs and Harmony.

  2. How would you describe your sound?
    I would describe my sound as rap mixed with melodic pain. Also, sometimes mood music. It just depends on how I feel but I literally do it all.

  3. What were you doing prior?
    Prior to my solo rap career I was the lead mic of Gogo band. I was also running a mentor company for trouble and at-risk youth.

  4.  When did you decide to do music professionally and why?
    After hearing my song on local radio station WKYS 93.9 FM. It was so crazy to me because it was the first rap I wrote.

  5. What is the inspiration behind your latest single?
    My latest single is called “Know Nuffin.” Basically, growing up where I’m from we was taught to mind our business, not tell on people, hold your water and not to gossip.

  6. What’s the biggest challenge you faced in your personal life and how did your music help you get through it?
    Losing my auntie was definitely one of the hardest things because she helped raise me. My song ‘Lately,’ is about her and it helped me get through a lot of pain. I don’t cry on her birthday anymore. Instead, I celebrate by listeng to the song.

  7. How do you believe your childhood shaped your future?
    My neighborhood name is Straffa Woods my artist name is Straffa Boy. It most definitely gave me my artist name. I’m just recalling my life and how I was brought up in my music.

  8. When it’s all said and done, what do you want be known for?
    My music. I wanna be a legend like Lil Wayne, perform at sold out shows with people knowing my lyrics and I eventually wanna be able to start my own label. 

To keep up with Straffa Boy, follow him on Instagram and stream his latest single “Know Nuffin.” For booking information, contact Rob Willie. 

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