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Miami Artist James Roan Explains Why Artist Development is so Important

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Many artists within the music industry start crafting with dreams of someday being big. Making it to the big stage and becoming successful both in popularity and financially. However, what a lot of them don’t understand is that many of the legendary musicians in history didn’t start out like that. What we saw on TV, Magazines etc were after they’ve already mastered their crafts behind the scenes. There’s a lot of work to be done before you’re put in the public eye. Lots of songwriting, rehearsing, brand identity, practicing stage presence, imagery and style factor. All of these things are what drove James Roan to become a much better version of himself both musically and personally. He had to accept the fact that what he was doing years before wasn’t working and there was a need to revamp and start over. First, he linked up with Dzeyen House, and started a growth and developmental project. It was tough at first due to artists being sensitive about their work, being told “no, this isn’t it” or “redo-it, it’s not ready yet” would hurt a lot of feelings. It was due to James already taking in that he needed to restructure and unlearn everything he was doing before, that the program went really well for him. You know how they say “the first step is acceptance” also comes with maturity. James is described by most to be an old soul and wise beyond his years, so it took him little to no time to adapt. He understood that he had to get out of his comfort zone.

More times than not, most people look at Movies, Reality Shows and many other forms of entertainment on screen and think it’s easy. Those professions take years on end to master. How to speak in public, conducting yourselves amongst others, being socially aware and able to mingle in crowds, talking in interviews on screen, speech, posing for photos, all of these things play a part in making sure you’re ready for a big shot. A plethora of artists now are stubborn to the fact they may be ahead of themselves, you can have all of the talent in the world, but if you don’t practice and master your craft, the less talented artist who simply just works harder than you, will outdo you every time. James went from being a one dimensional personality, to being comfortable in his skin, improving his stage performance and looking like a star in the making while restarting his career at the age of 29. His goal is to show and prove that no matter how old you are, if you do your stuff the right way, success will come.

James has plans to venture in music, film, fashion and business but he cannot get there until his work behind the scenes is done. He released three albums so far in his career, Enter End in 2018, Power Forward in 2021 and Elements of Life in early 2024 respectively, but none of those projects really matches his brand. Roan is a lover boy, always has been, always will be. The romantic guy that always keeps girlfriends in high school and college. He wants to push not the “player” image but to end the “battle of the sexes” era we’re currently in where men and women go at each other online every single day. He wants to bring back healthy relationships between men and women by putting it in his music and art in whatever fashion he chooses to do so. He says “There is nothing wrong with getting married, and there’s nothing wrong with having just one woman.. One for me is enough”. This is what he stands for both as an artist and as a person. Being from Miami he’s used to seeing guys with multiple girls and being cool, but that’s not who he is. This is why development is so important, so you don’t push the opposite of yourself onto people. Who you are as a person must align with your brand. This is why we have some of the most successful brands in the world in sales, music, fitness, technology etc, simply because they’ve identified their audience. Roan will be successful in the near future, as this is his fresh restart in music. He has a story to tell, and it will be heard around the world by millions of people for many years to come.

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