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NYC Street Style: Top Fashion Features and Trends

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New York City’s status as a global fashion hub is indisputable, with the city’s residents setting benchmarks for style enthusiasts worldwide. Parisian chic and Scandinavian cool may have their followers, but the Big Apple’s streets serve as the true litmus test for sartorial success — particularly during the buzz of fashion week. It’s here that the latest design trends from the runways encounter their ultimate trial: adoption by the discerning New York fashion crowd.

In this ever-trendsetting metropolis, staying ahead is part of the culture. Saving you the hassle, I’ve meticulously analyzed countless street-style photos from the recent New York Fashion Week S/S 24 to identify top-notch looks that capture the essence of the city’s fashion scene. These fashion-forward movements have not only conquered the streets of Manhattan; they’re poised to revolutionize wardrobes across various locales. Prepare for a style evolution, as these New York-approved trends are likely to arrive in your neighborhood very soon.

What is New York City known for fashion?

#1 Jersey Jackets

At the Tommy Hilfiger showcase, it wasn’t just high fashion that turned heads. Instead, K-pop sensation Lee Jun-ho and Thailand’s beloved Win Metawin, along with fellow actors Phuwin Tangsakyuen and Naravit Lertratkosum, became the center of attention, drawing in excited crowds eager for a moment with the stars.

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#2 Red Color Dominant

Navigating the dynamic street style of NYC isn’t simple, yet a standout trend emerged unmissable this season. A sea of red swept across the boroughs, echoing the statement pieces in bold crimson showcased in the Fall/Winter ’23 lines from luxury leaders like Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, and David Koma. These collections featured everything from tailored suits to chic outerwear and eye-catching accessories in this audacious color. The question of its real-world adaptability hung in the air until the fashion-forward crowd demonstrated how to effortlessly incorporate the season’s most daring color into everyday wear. Scroll down to witness the versatile styling of this captivating shade.

#3 Silver Resurgance

Amidst the whirlwind of New York Fashion Week, one may overlook the parade of jewelry trends. But a keen eye will notice a glittering constant amongst the fashion-forward crowds: the dominance of silver accessories. A trend that gleamed on the runways of recent Fall/Winter 2023 showcases has seamlessly transitioned onto the streets. It’s evident in the shimmering arrays of silver—be it through the links of hefty chains, the boldness of oversized cuffs, or the avant-garde flair of sculptural earrings. New Yorkers embrace this metallic wave with open arms, firmly establishing silver’s place within the style lexicon. Scroll on to witness the chic ways silver jewelry made a statement this season…

#4 Knits Galore

Cozy knits have become the must-have this season, as evident through the latest street fashion trends; winter 2024 has embraced the comfort and chic style of knit dresses. Case in point, the fresh Resort collection by Christopher John Rogers, spotlighting vibrant, multi-colored knitwear that’s captivating the internet.

The understated elegance of Loewe’s anagram sweaters is another style stealing the spotlight this winter, featuring earthy tones and a plush mohair mix.

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#5 White Coats

Wrapping yourself in a wool coat during the colder months is a standard affair, but donning an impeccably tailored coat that commands attention is something entirely different. At the latest Badgley Mischka runway event, Keni Silva truly impressed with her choice of a white coat, brilliantly combined with a pink pantsuit.

This season, while quilted jackets have been making appearances, there’s a noticeable shift towards winter coats with eco-conscious materials, specifically vegan options. As we transition into spring, expect to see a parade of eye-catching outerwear that makes a fashion statement. Look out for everything from classic trench coats to vibrantly hued jackets and traditional pea coats.

#6 Sheer Separates

A widely accepted notion suggests that risk-taking is essential for triumph, and while my expertise doesn’t extend to sports, this concept certainly translates to the fashion world. Bold, boundary-pushing trends often become the most celebrated; these are the looks that make you pause and ponder their wearability. Case in point: the ultra-shear attire featured prominently in the Spring/Summer ’23 and Fall/Winter ’23 runways. This might seem like a fashion faux pas waiting to happen. However, New York’s fashion-forward crowd has fearlessly incorporated these translucent designs into their wardrobes, showcasing a bit of daring during the most recent New York Fashion Week. Scroll down to discover the inventive ways sheer garments were brought to life off the catwalk.

#7 Fuzzy Statement Hats

Oversized hats are making a comeback as bold fashion pieces that people can’t seem to get enough of. Celebrities, including the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, are often spotted sporting these statement pieces, igniting interest and popularity among the public.

Once considered a hallmark of 1990s fashion, the bucket hat has made an impressive return, thanks in part to fashion icon Rihanna’s influence in 2020. The current trend for 2024 has taken a creative turn, embracing not just typical materials but also venturing into extravagant furs and cozy wools. This year, fashion is swinging towards maximalism, encouraging individuals to embrace the “more is more” philosophy with their hat choices.


For those truly passionate about fashion, February and September stand out as critical times of the year—these are the fashion months. During these exciting periods, fashion’s elite—designers, editors, models, celebrities—embark on a global tour through the esteemed style cities: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Here they witness the unveiling of the season’s latest trends through a series of dynamic shows and high-profile gatherings.

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