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Introducing BK Batty

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Introducing BK! An American artist and rapper determined to never be put in a box, BK from South Florida, is hungry and wants to make a name for himself in the music industry. A factor of resilience, there were so many things that could have stopped him, made him quit and give up. His passion drove him to keep going. “Yes the hunger is there, but something in you knows for a fact it simply has to be done, if I don’t do it, who will?” BK is a rookie artist coming into the game with his own style, and character. Being Hispanic and apart of the LGBT community, heads are automatically turned, and eyes are always on him. He’s ready to share his story through his music and show everyone why he’s doing this. “A lot of people question my name and threaten me to change it. “BK, but not from Brooklawn” is one of my most iconic lines. All my close friends that know me recite it every single time. BK is not Brooklyn, it’s not blood killa, it’s not BURGER KING, it’s simply my initials, that’s it. I decided to keep it as my artist name when I learned that my biggest idols are from Brooklyn. BK takes pride in his music and his style. He will forever write his own, push his pen and create bars. He wants to be able to reach people that can relate and need that support and can connect with what he’s saying Some of his biggest accomplishments this year have been hitting 1000 streams on his latest single. Artist Foxy Brown has responded not once, but twice regarding my music. That is a huge accomplishment for BK as she is one of his biggest influences. Timing is everything for BK, patience is key. “That’s something that a lot of people lack. I’m not rushing, I know that the story is already written in pen, I used to be the one who would overwrite it with pencil. I’ve learned to let things flow.” In the future BK wants to be involved with music for sure, but maybe even fashion. He wants to have a strong household name that helps open the doors for other people like him

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