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Devon Girard aka (DSG)

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Producer, Singer/Songwriter and Rapper Devon Girard is ready for his turn in the spotlight. Like many other artists, he shares his story through his music. He is very versatile! He makes pop, rock and rap music! At the age of 9 he started making music and continued all through middle school. From then on he knew it was something he loved and music was going to be a big part of his life. The schools gave the students chrome books instead of work, he found online DAW and soundtrap and would produce music all day long everyday. He was surprised when he passed his classes while being able to teach himself how to write and produce music. He has pushed everything else aside to continue to pursue his music dream. Growing up his family didn’t have much money, and he wasn’t always around other people, so he had a hard time making friends. “I had way less than any of my peers when it came to money, food, safety, everything. Music was always there.” Once he got to high school Devon went full throttle into rapping and creating hits. He got more creative and was able to really do the music he wanted to. He has lived in different areas throughout his life. Once he landed in North Carolina again, he decided to try to give singing a shot which gave him the idea to try to blend and produce different genres of music together. After a tough breakup with his fiancé at the time, he coped with the stress and heartbreak by hiding himself from everyone, he went back to rapping and a sensational mixtape has come out of it. Devon wants to be known for his authenticity and creativity. “What’s being shown mainstream now is not real or raw, authenticity is more rare than people think, people are only chasing after that one hit record. It’s the independent artists on the come up that are going to influence the next generation of music and when you give those people a chance you get a classic, timeless record. Not just a one hit wonder.” In the future he hopes to profit off of his music, have more of an impact on society and the music culture. He wants to give back to the people who have been there since day one for him, when he had no one else. They believed in his dream of not more than he did, that’s all any artist could ask for. “It has to be this, that’s my dream, for them and me” Devon has a new single that dropped February 1st “you gon see” available to stream on all platforms. He has more music to come including a mixed tape set to be released in April.

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