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Lil P$eudo “What About It” Hits Top 100 On I-Tunes

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Lil P$eudo, the rising star in the hip-hop scene, has been making waves with his recent track “What About It,” which not only secured a spot on the Apple iTunes Top 100 chart but also received a significant endorsement. In a recent interview, Lil P$eudo opened up about his newfound success and what lies ahead in his musical journey. Securing the #65 spot on the Apple iTunes Top 100 chart marks a significant milestone for Lil P$eudo, who considers this achievement his biggest accomplishment thus far in his musical career. With his distinctive style and infectious beats, Lil P$eudo has captured the attention of listeners worldwide, and the success of “What About It”.

To further solidify the young artist’s growing reputation in the industry. With millions of fans eager to discover new music, the endorsement has undoubtedly exposed Lil P$eudo to a broader audience, catapulting him into the spotlight. When asked about how he plans to handle the fame that comes with this kind of success, Lil P$eudo remains grounded, stating simply, “I’ll ju$’ be chillin’, ‘n doin’ wat I u$ually do.”

Despite his newfound fame, Lil P$eudo remains true to himself and focused on his passion for creating music that resonates with his audience. Looking ahead, Lil P$eudo is determined to build on his recent success, aiming for “more life ‘n more accomplishment$.” With doors opening for him as a result of his chart-topping track, including opportunities like this article, Lil P$eudo is poised for even greater achievements in the future. For hip-hop fans who haven’t yet streamed “What About It,” Lil P$eudo’s message is simple: “It $ound$ good. At lea$’ to me lol. To find out u’d have to li$ten to it.” With its catchy beats and infectious energy, “What About It” promises an exhilarating listening experience that is sure to leave fans wanting more.

As Lil P$eudo continues to make his mark on the hip-hop scene, he acknowledges the instrumental role played by his agent, Tim Strain with Swaggertown Records, in furthering his career. With his podcast “Da Mankind Podca$t” also gaining traction on Spotify, Lil P$eudo is proving to be a multifaceted artist with a promising future ahead.

Check out his latest track “What About It” on all platforms!

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