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Zeddy Will – Cha Cha (Official Video)

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Young recording artist Zeddy Will took the internet by storm in late 2023 with his “Cha Cha” single which debuted on the On The Radar platform. The original On The Radar performance video garnered 1.3 million views on YouTube in under a month and quickly excelled to number eleven on Billboard’s TikTok Charts.

Now, ZeddyWill has released a comedic music video for the breakout single, directed and shot by Matt Coole & executive produced by Shawn Prez. The video centers around a baby shower with five “baby mamas” and turning the baby shower into a musical performance. The video includes familiar dancing faces including Light Skin Monte (13.9M TikTok) and Jersey Joe (2.9 M TikTok) who play Zeddy’s coworkers, along with other TikTok influencers.

ZeddyWill’s “Cha Cha” over the late DJ Casper’s beat is still going viral. It was recently eleventh on Billboard’s TikTok Charts.The song is currently streaming at over 15 million streams. It received support from Genius, Kai Cenat, @brochiache, Rap, and more – all within a month of its release.

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