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Rueben Wood: Unveiling “5AM on Peachtree”

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Rueben Wood, the multifaceted music producer and talk show host, is eagerly anticipating the release of his album, “5AM on Peachtree.” In an exclusive interview, Rueben shares his inspiration and hurdles throughout his musical journey.

Rueben reflects, “It feels good. It’s been a journey putting this project together, especially nearing the end of the year. Everybody else has dropped projects, so I just want to share something significant.”

Diving into the album’s collaborations, Rueben speaks of an impressive lineup featuring, Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg, Juvenile, Cappadonna, Cam’ron, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Benny the Butcher, and an array of rising stars. He emphasizes the strategic curation of each feature, aligning diverse sounds and capturing the essence of various genres.

However, the heart of the project lies in Rueben’s personal narrative. Amidst the creative process, he endured the loss of his mother. “It was about doing what you say you’re going to do—completion, honoring my mother’s memory,” Rueben shares. The album became an ode to her and a space for his emotions.

During the conversation, Rueben reflects on his coping strategies used during this challenging process of finishing what he started. He credits music as therapeutic, a medium that revitalized his creative spirit after a 13-year hiatus. “Music has been therapy for me… it pushed me to be better as a music producer,” he acknowledges.

“Stay focused,” Rueben emphasizes, recounting his journey through grief. He stresses the importance of maintaining mental stability amid life’s adversities, advocating for prayer and diligence as pillars of strength.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Rueben’s “SOM Talk Live” stands as a beacon of his career evolution. The show, an extension of his brand, has propelled his career trajectory, transitioning from media platforms to television. “It’s been a significant part of my journey,” he reflects, expressing gratitude for the growth and success it has bestowed upon him.

When asked for advice Rueben stated, “Continue to grow your platform and invest in yourself.” He highlights the significance of following trends while staying true to yourself and encourages others to invest in their craft. One investment Rueben made in his career was in Spectacular Smith’s mentorship in social media marketing. Mastering online marketing, particularly YouTube ads, became a cornerstone in his journey to success.

Reminiscing about his early interviews, Rueben recalls his surreal moment interviewing T-Boz from TLC as a novice in the industry. It was a milestone that set the tone for his flourishing career.

Lastly, Rueben discloses his favorites from “5AM on Peachtree,” citing “Upgrade You” and “Let The Music Play” featuring Jadakiss as tracks that resonate deeply within him.

With “5AM on Peachtree,” Rueben Wood transcends boundaries, intertwines personal triumphs, resilience, and musical brilliance. As the album prepares to captivate audiences, Rueben’s journey continues to inspire, promising a pivotal impact in the music world.


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