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Chip Tha Ripper: Platinum-certified artist shares new album, The Charles Worth LP

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Chip Tha Ripper’s new album, The Charles Worth LP, reminds us of his incredible legacy in the modern rap game.


Chip Tha Ripper is one of those rap artists who can have you hooked once you start delving into their back catalog for hours. 


The Cleveland-born artist is one of the most consistently great rappers of the 21st Century. He boasts five studio albums, seven mixtapes, and dozens of singles and features. 


For many rap fans, their introduction to Chip Tha Ripper came when he featured on Kid Cudi’s track ‘Just What I Am,’ which received Platinum-certified status after its release in 2011. 


Others will know him as being the originator of the ‘Interior Crocodile Alligator’ meme, which went viral in 2007 following a Chip freestyle on PrettyBoy Floyd’s Street Stars TV Radio show. 


Many fans have shared the same story about how they first fell in love with Chip Tha Ripper’s music; they heard about him because of some feature or because of some obscure internet meme lore – then they delved into his impressive discography and came out again as diehard fans. 


As a rap artist, Chip is one of the most genuine out there. Throughout every release, he has shared experiences from his upbringing, tales of his home city, and how he continues navigating the music industry’s slippery ladder. 


At its heart, The Charles Worth LP is an album about family. The album’s title is a reminder of the very name that Chip’s parents gave him when he was born. And this album has plenty of other shout-outs to family and close friends, most notably on the tracks ‘Grandpa Harold’ and ‘Cleveland Hustlers.’ 


But the album is also about experiences, too. Chip fearlessly raps about sexual and romantic relationships on songs like ‘Do Something New’ and ‘Have Fun.’ He reminds listeners of his vitality, effortless style, and (literal) seductive flow on both tracks. Elsewhere, ‘Psilocybin’ is offered up as a psychedelic track, which, as the name suggests, sees Chip talk about the potential benefits of mind-altering substances. Meanwhile, ‘This For That’ is a beautiful, darker track about being savvy when dealing with tense social situations. 


Everywhere you turn on this album, you seem to find something new. Chip is excellent at fitting into the role of the profoundly introspective rapper who shares nostalgic, meaningful memories from his youth. Still, he also fits the role of the seasoned hustler trying to stay sane and composed amid a highly competitive music industry. He has many different sides to his character, and he tries to show off as many of them as possible on The Charles Worth LP. 


And just in case you thought 21 tracks might begin to feel sluggish at any point, later songs on the album, such as ‘Kitty Show,’ are examples of how Chip can keep the energy pumping until the record’s dying moments.

He knows what he’s doing – and he does it well. 

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