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Oneluv Mahugu Is Starting 2024 Off On Fire Check Out His New Single Malaika Wangu

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It’s no secret that Philadelphia is a bedrest for musical talent. In the 1980s, it was Schoolly D who helped put Philly on the map and many more followed in the 2000’s with State Property, Rocafella Records but now it has a new kind of flow and genre that flows in a physical form. Today Meek Mills is Philadelphia’s most recognizable hip hop/ black musical figure, but the next upcoming new member is known as Oneluv Mahugu.

Oneluv Mahugu’s demographic of followers is international not just local, he is widely considered a versatile dance hall/soca/ hip hop artist. Co-signing is very significant, and it speaks volumes when certified artists co-sign new talent. Rapper Cuban Link (Felix Delgado) has collaborated with Oneluv Mahugu on the remix of Oneluv’s certified banga entitled “Beautiful Gal”. Cuban is a Hispanic rapper and member of the legendary rap group Terror Squad. Oneluv stated that “it was a dream come true! As a kid in high school, I was the ultimate Terror Squad fan and I specifically liked the style and artistry of Terror Squad member Cuban Link”. Oneluv was also a fan of Philadelphia’s own legendary rap group “State Property” and had a chance to collaborate on a track with his favorite member “Omillio Sparks”.

The deep mixture of Dance hall /reggae/soca / pop influence in Oneluvs music derived from the influential sounds of Barrington Levy , Shabba Ranks and Supercat. Oneluv took a 3 year hiatus from music and is now back with a certified love song banga entitled Malaika Wangu. Malaika Wangu means “My Angel” in Swahili, there is a huge void in love songs and Oneluv chose to create a love anthem that is guaranteed to set the mood and heat the dance floor. His latest single Malaika Wangu is for the lovers.

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