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KO$MIC; a Rockstar from far beyond Introducing music artist K’Shawn Harper, his artist name is KO$MIC. He is known to be a new and upcoming rapper and artist going into 2024. His music tells the story of his life and love of music “I just speak to whoever listens and don’t ever worry about who doesn’t” His strong mindset to keep going is what got him here today, despite all the differences, he’s just being himself and people are flocking toward him and his sound. It wasn’t alway like this for K’Shawn, his biggest challenge has been overcoming his own self doubt, he found himself questioning his ability to be a great rapper, and he wondered if he’d be able to reach people with his music. He relied heavily on his friends and family “their belief is what makes me keep pushing everyday, it’s not just for me anymore, its for my people, my life long supporters, for all of us.” He wants his fans and aspiring artists to know that “people all around are going to react in both a positive ad a negative way towards what your doing, that’s when you need to keep doing you and move forward, listen to them but ultimately it’s up to you, to make the music that you want to. They are going to try to tell you what to do next, or how you should portray yourself, your authenticity is key.” K’Shawn really tries to live in the present and not worry so much about the future, although there are bright things ahead for him he wants to focus on the here and now. He believes that worrying about the future can cause him to think about what should be, instead of or focusing on what is. He just takes one day at a time and is always making progress with his music. Definitely going into 2024 he wants to start performing more and he will be putting together an album, all while having fun. His goal isn’t to just get rich, it’s to spread good vibes and share his words with people who can relate to his story. You can find him on Instagram at sheluv_kosmic, his music is also on Apple Music, Spotify and

SoundCloud as Ko$mic.

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