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Fabion 305, Fuego in the booth, and K.R.E.A.M turn up the HEAT in the latest edition of “Fuego in the booth”!

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The Universal rasta himself “Fabion 305” has connected with the incredible series “Fuego in the booth” brought to you by Chris Johnson & UB aka Apex and it was A MOVIE!!  The incredible series highlights #Fabion305 and his out of this world lyrical ability. All while honoring his brother “Anthony “NSupreme” Sweetland” the #Fuegointhebooth team helped him create a great way to honor his legacy. Special thank you Monica G aka K.R.E.A.M celebrity food blogger/ entertainment insider in the game for all the love and connections. The “Golden” lyricist Fabion 305 embodies positive vibes with intense music. Happy to see the veteran is still at it!! One of the best the game has to offer. Check out the video at:


Instagram- Fabion305

Instagram- Fuegointhebooth

Instagram- Apex305

Instagram- K.R.E.A.M

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