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Dezzae – I’m Good

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Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Actor and model Dezzae is a country boy from Victoria VA, his story runs deeper than the eye can see. Born Cordez DaAndre Hazelwood he goes by the stage name Dezzae. Through his life he’s seen depression, trauma, mental health and prejudice behavior, he overcame it all. Coming from a small town, he wants to share his life and everything he has to say in his songs. “I want to let people know I have a lot to say through my music I’m here to stay, so listen up, I’m making real R&B music taking people back to how music used to be, that what makes me stand out I have an old soul and type no one can touch.” His most highlighted moment in his career was when he was contacted by a DJ in the Uk to spin his records, because he genuinely liked Dezzae’s music. He has faced many challenges over the years, the death of his mother in December of 2014 was the hardest thing he’s been through. He watched her take her last breath at age 44, he was only 24. “My mother was my everything. By the grace of god, my friends and family and the power of music is how I made it though loving her.

I still have my moments of disbelief, she was my biggest supporter and fan.” Another challenge he had growing up was finding the strength to stand up to bullies in school for being gay. He found that the biggest bullies were in his family. Some of which he doesn’t even speak to. “I love who I am and pray they find their inner peace.” He wants to give words of encouragement to those who are struggling in their lives, or feel lost. “Your troubles won’t last forever, always have faith and patience. Most importantly believe in yourself.” In the next 5 years he hopes to be at the soul train awards, to even just be nominated would be a huge blessing for Dezzae. He wants to be a big performer at events and shows. He eventually wants to become a part of the acting and entertainment industry. He wants the world to see his talent and people like him thrive in the industry. He hopes his music touches the souls of many people around the world. You can find him on Facebook as Kordez Haze, Instagram handle Dezzae_Music, TikTok name CordezHazelwood18, and of course all his music on all streaming platforms under his stage name Dezzae.

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