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Cedric the Entertainer on Kevin Hart, Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, Stand Up, and His Book | Interview

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Cedric the Entertainer dropped by the neighborhood to speak with Big Boy about Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce, his friendship with Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, and his new book “Flipping Boxcars”. The comedian reveals the origins of his stage-name, the first time he bombed at a live show, and he explains that he worked at State Farm before his success in comedy. Cedric recalls hosting “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?”, playing golf with Don Cheadle, working with D.L. Hughley, and starring in “The Original Kings of Comedy”. He also remembers going to a Beyoncé concert, winning Celebrity Family Feud, his former relationship with Donald Trump, and the attack during Dave Chappelle’s live comedy show. Plus, Cedric the Entertainer surprises Big Boy with his classic magic tricks. Watch the full interview exclusively on BigBoyTV.

The first novel from one of the original Kings of Comedy, Cedric “The Entertainer,” is available now. “Flipping Boxcars: The Novel” is a valentine to close-knit black families and tightly woven communities during the Depression and World War II. The story is also an homage to Cedric’s grandfather, who in this tale emerges as Babe.

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