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IC Skywalkin Releases Latest Single, “Talk Like This”

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In the dynamic world of hip-hop, authenticity and talent often pave the path to success. Chicago-born and Los Angeles-based IC Skywalkin is a true embodiment of these traits, making waves with his unique style and confident presence. As an independent artist and songwriter, he has consistently delivered quality music and captivating content to his ever-growing fanbase.

IC Skywalkin’s journey began in the streets of Chicago, where he nurtured his musical aspirations. Fueled by a relentless passion for hip-hop, he eventually made the life-changing decision to relocate to Los Angeles, where he could continue to chase his dreams.

After releasing a series of mixtapes, IC Skywalkin’s talent was impossible to ignore. His breakthrough came in the form of a touring opportunity, and he hasn’t looked back since. His journey has been marked by consistent dedication and unwavering commitment to his craft.

One of Skywalkin’s most ambitious goals in the music industry is to achieve a Billboard hit for himself and to write one for another artist. These aspirations drive him to consistently push the boundaries of his creativity and innovation.

IC Skywalkin takes immense pride in his latest music videos, inviting everyone to check them out on YouTube. Visual storytelling has become a significant part of his artistic expression, allowing him to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Relocating to Los Angeles presented numerous challenges for IC Skywalkin. Adapting to a new city and music scene was a significant adjustment, but his determination and unwavering focus have been the keys to overcoming these obstacles.

IC Skywalkin proudly remains an independent artist, holding the reins of his creative vision. This independence allows him to maintain control over his work, ensuring that his music stays true to his unique style.

The essence of IC Skywalkin’s music is to spread good vibes. He wants his listeners to find positivity and upliftment in his songs, creating a space where they can escape and feel good.

Currently, IC Skywalkin released his latest single, “Talk Like This” in both song and video form. He typically collaborates with his trusted engineer, Kev, who knows his sound inside and out, as well as producers like A-Foe from Chicago and Dubb Artistry from Houston.

Every day, IC Skywalkin is fueled by his dreams and aspirations. Each accomplished goal and released song only serves as a stepping stone to his next endeavor. The continuous pursuit of his dreams keeps him motivated and dedicated to his craft.

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