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“Roc boy preezy” Drops Another Hit – “RUMBLE” and More About his Collaborations with Kid Ink, Omarion & Lloyd Banks

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“Rap” is a very subjective artform which often attracts a diverse group of listeners. Some prefer up tempo rhymes while others prefer slow and surgical lyricism. Most gifted rappers usually fall into one of these two categories. However in some rare cases, there are phenomenal rappers who excel in both categories. One such rapper is the highly touted and multifaceted “Kwami Herbert Perry” who is best known as “Roc boy preezy”.

“Roc boy preezy” initially burst onto the scene about half a decade ago. His rapid rise was quite emphatic and captivating. It did not take much time for him to put the industry on notice. Names such as Kid Ink, Omarion and Lloyd Banks all took notice. “Roc boy preezy” would go on to share a stage with Kid Ink and several other notable artists. He also had quite the stellar opening performance for Omarion and Lloyd Banks. It’s also around this same time that he began drawing major comparisons to superstars like Tyga and French Montana.

Unfortunately, right in the thick of things, Roc boy’s momentum took an unexpected hit! The rap star was impeded by personal circumstances outside of music. He had to overcome some legal challenges which resulted in him being on probation. This was a particularly difficult and challenging season in his life. Thoughts of giving up loomed large but Roc boy was never the type to quit! Instead, he decided to use the extra time he had to focus on his studies and further his education.

Fortunately for all music fans around the world, “Roc boy preezy” was far from done with music. The star rapper still had a lot to prove and a chip on his shoulder! He was determined not to give up on his destiny! After his extended hiatus from music, Roc boy started to mount quite the comeback towards the end of 2022. Ever since then, he has been on a hot streak of producing hit after hit. 2023 has been quite a massive year for the rapper having dropped hits such as Rumble, Finito, Winner and Play Boy Sh*t. These are exciting times and it seems as if “Roc boy preezy” is once again on the cusp of blowing up like he was all those years back!


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