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Touchiinmoney’s Hits Top 40 Hip Hop Charts With “CHECC”

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Hailing from Norwalk, Connecticut, Touchiinmoneyo just burst onto the scene with an
undeniable hit. The artist’s latest track, “CHECC” featuring Ot7Quanny and produced by none other than Lil Wayne’s collaborator Chill Shump, has not only captured the attention of listeners but has also secured a spot in the upper echelons of the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. With a visually stunning music video directed by Esbei to complement the song’s energy, “CHECC” is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

The song’s production pedigree is one of its standout features. Chill Shump, renowned for his work with Lil Wayne, lends his expertise to create a beat that is infectious and captivating. This collaboration isn’t just a fusion of talents; it’s a testament to Touchiinmoneyo’s ability to attract industry heavyweights.

What’s more impressive is the song’s ability to garner over 200k streams exclusively from playlists designed for major label artists. This achievement underlines the track’s quality and its appeal among both industry insiders and casual listeners. The fact that “CHECC” charted top 40 on the iTunes official hip-hop charts, alongside established artists, speaks volumes about its widespread popularity.

The music video, directed by Esbei, adds a visual dimension that complements the song’s sonic intensity. Embracing a run-and-gun style, the video is a whirlwind of energy and style. With fast cuts, dynamic visuals, and a strong focus on fashion – the outfits of the artists are nothing short
of exceptional – the video is a feast for the eyes that enhances the track’s overall impact.

The global reach of “CHECC” is yet another impressive feat. It boasts over 500 Shazams on Apple Music and has garnered more than 100k plays on both YouTube and Apple Music combined. Such widespread recognition is a reflection of the song’s ability to transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.
Touchiinmoneyo’s hit, “CHECC” is not just a song; it’s a statement.

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