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Nina Nicholle, Doin’ It All

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Not many artists have the versatility and innovation of Nina Nicholle. She claims the title of a recording artist, producer, sound engineer, and entrepreneur. By pushing herself to constantly be greater, Nina wants to be known in different realms and defies being put into one category.

Nina’s journey began as a military child, who had the ability to travel the world, which allowed her to network and make connections. While also having the dedication to help raise her younger siblings, it helped inspire her to believe that determination can be a successful key to turning dreams into reality.

Nina’s versatility in her music bends genres, pulling inspiration from a wide range of influences while sticking to her roots in R&B and Hip-Hop. Being a self-taught producer and sound engineer, Nina shows her confidence in exploring new things and her versatility.

Her commitment to music is also evident through creating an open mic and headliner show, providing local artists with a platform for their chance to shine. Nina also covers topics in her music about mental health and messages about embracing life’s highs and lows to create something beautiful.

Nina is working to become the host of “The Full Package Contest” on a TV network and releasing her full first album, striving to showcase her music and versatility. Watch out for this rising star on the come-up. Make sure to stay updated on her through social media @nina_nicholle and check out “The Full Package” podcast on youtube.

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