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Kash Doll Releases New Music Video For “Ridin’”

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“Detroit’s own rapper, Kash Doll, has just released a brand-new music video for her latest single, “Ridin’,” paying homage to the beloved cult classic film, “Set It Off.” In this visually captivating video, Kash Doll seamlessly blends her dynamic style with elements drawn from the iconic heist movie.

“Ridin'” by Kash Doll offers a fresh perspective on the classic film, “Set It Off,” echoing its gripping narrative while showcasing her lyrical prowess and artistic ingenuity. The music video takes viewers on an imaginative journey that draws inspiration from the movie’s essence.

As “Ridin'” gains momentum with its infectious hooks and captivating verses, fans can stream the single on major music platforms. Kash Doll’s return to the music scene has been met with a wave of excitement, highlighting her unique ability to connect with audiences through her artistry.”


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