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Single Review: Big Boss Mulaa drops anthem for the disaffected with ‘I Don’t Like This’

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Mulaa’s new single combines powerful pop-punk hooks with earnest lyrics about being unsure of the life you’re living. Born in New York but now based in LA, newcomer Big Boss Mulaa already has a massive ripple effect on the local and online music scenes with his unique hook-filled sad-boy emo
pop brand.

Since he began entirely investing himself in music in 2019, Mulaa has mesmerized fans with a series of blistering songs, many of which have allowed him to share intimate details about his personal experiences, real-life struggles, and emotional vulnerability.

An artist of dynamic contrasts, Mulaa’s songs are catchy, upbeat, and inspired by punk-pop at its best.. At the same time, his lyrics and earnest vocals form part of an effort to, in his own words, “clear a void for the depressed and broken” and let everyone understand that “it’s okay to be you through all the bad”.

Collaborating with his producer ‘Mileage’ and inspired by other ‘sad boy’ artists like JuiceWRLD (whom Mulaa knew personally), he creates his music from scratch, playing all the instruments himself without relying on loops or presets. This has helped him sharpen his game over the last few years. His summer single ‘Again & Again’ was ravenously received by his cult-like fanbase, who had been anticipating his moves in the music world for years.

‘I Don’t Like It’ is Mulaa's rawest, most honest, and most gritty. The song offers punk-pop in the same vein as Blink 182, but there’s a real emo pop-influenced sincerity in the voice that recalls the more complex artistry of American Football.

Lyrically, he is blunt in his jaded feelings towards the modern world. He’s “confused…broken and bruised.” But even as he croons his way through the deepest recesses of his mental state, you can’t help but be won over by the song’s unbelievably catchy chorus.

This is an exciting start for the New York artist. Be sure to keep up with his journey.

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