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Yalee Is Bringing Music To A New Level

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A new sound coming out of LA, independent artist who goes by Yalee, he is an Ohio native. He is bringing Gospel music to a new level and adding his own twist.

Yalee is working on his musical career as an independent artist. Yalee has a sound which is a mix of Adele and Polo G. He brings a unique sound to soul pop and hood soul, he writes all of his own music. With this unique sound and genre he intends to impact everyone with his music.

When asked what is his goal with his music career is he responded “to save people, help people find out who they really are, letting people know you’re not the only one going through what it is, you’re going through and I think it’s like a natural instinct to think like when you’re going through something the world is just shitting on you, but we all go through stuff and I want to be a voice of clarity because in all actuality, it’s probably somebody going through the same shit and that’s why I like to talk about the things that I talk about in my music to let people know that they are not alone.”

Yalee in his opinion stands out from others in the industry because “My sound makes me stand out. Nobody doing what I’m doing nobody’s making the type of music that I’m makin I have a unique style my ability to connect with people emotionally, I am a amazing story teller.”

Yalee’s major accomplishments in his career is his song “Major Mentions” In addition, he stated “I did a song with Fetty Wap called “Pretty Girl Dance”, I’ve opened up for Mac Miller, Lil Xan, but my biggest accomplishment is getting a DM from a fan saying she was thinking about taking her on life, but she didn’t because of my music” These accomplishments are what is shaping his career to begin a major artist.

To stay updated with Yalee and his work, make sure to Follow Yalee via social media @yalee and to check out his music on all major platforms @yalee.

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