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A New Artist Steps In The Scene Named GMDCASH And Begins To Shake Things Up With “let me preach”

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For years we’ve covered the hottest hip hop content out and today we’re not doing anything less than that. GMDCASH all the way from Seattle, WA just started catching fire lately with his track “let me preach”’. This track reached thousands of streams previously but now the Seattle rapper decided to release it as a music video.

The video starts out with someone playing piano and then goes into his feel-good song. GMDCASH heats up with his bouncy flow mixed in with dope lyrics. The video takes place in a studio setting while the young rapper sings his heart out. This is only GMDCASH’s third video that has been released on his Youtube channel.

If GMDCASH continues to release videos and songs like this, he will have a big freshman year in 2023. There have been talks about an EP that is currently in the works. Make sure to check out the video below to see what GMDCASH is talking about.

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