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Outlaw Muddbaby The Rising Star with a Classic Southern Sound

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Meet Outlaw Muddbaby, the rapidly rising artist hailing from a small town in Mississippi, who is making waves in the hip-hop world with his classic southern sound. Also known as Antwuan, Outlaw Muddbaby began rapping at a young age, and his artistry reflects influences from iconic artists such as 8ball & MJG and Tupac Shakur.

With songs like “Way Up” and “Rodeo Off” from his latest EP, Outlaw Muddbaby, the Mississippi-native has captured the hearts of fans across the nation. As a new generation of southern rappers emerges, including the likes of Youngboy Never Broke Again, Jaydayoungan, and OBN Jay, Outlaw Muddbaby stands tall among these talented artists, with his rise to fame gaining momentum.

Touring extensively throughout Mississippi and venturing into Houston, TX, Outlaw Muddbaby’s live performances draw large crowds, thanks to his professional and serious approach to music. He effortlessly blends the business of music with the art of lyric writing and freestyle rap, captivating his audience with intricate social themes and thought-provoking lyrics.

Outlaw Muddbaby brings credibility to his verses through his personal experiences, maturity, and innate ability to challenge his listeners. His no-frills approach and authenticity create a musical world that engulfs his audience, leaving them inspired and engaged. As his career continues to flourish, Outlaw Muddbaby’s realness and genuine artistry make him a true force to be reckoned with in the world of hip-hop.

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