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Mike Gino’s Pink Runtz Record Will Have You Sky High!

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“Pink Runtz” is a vibrant and electrifying party anthem by Mike Gino, an artist originally hailing from Chicago’s west side but now residing in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. This high-energy track combines a lively atmosphere with a laid-back vibe, making it perfect for both turning up the volume and chilling out with some smoke.

In this song, Mike Gino shares his personal journey of feeling disconnected and overthinking everything. However, his perspective shifts when he encounters “pink runtz,” a reference to a strain of cannabis. After getting sky high, he experiences a newfound magic and reconnection with life.

Recorded and mixed at Union Studios in Hollywood, California, “Pink Runtz” boasts a professional production quality that enhances the song’s infectious energy. Get ready to groove along to this track and embrace the euphoric vibe that Mike Gino brings to the table.

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