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LACE Season 2 | Official Trailer (HD)

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In a helicopter hangar, Esteban Sousa confronts Governor James Barclay. The tense conversation shifts to Samantha, Sousa’s deceased daughter, triggering a violent outburst. Sousa lunges at the Governor, and a struggle ensues as they fight over a gun. The Governor fires a shot, fatally injuring Sousa. Meanwhile, Lacey catches the tail end of the conversation and hears the gunshot, realizing that she now has Governor Barclay at her mercy.

In another part of town, Britney meets with Alphonso, who is in jail, and offers to represent him pro-bono. Daniel seeks Lacey’s help with Randall, and she advises him to bring Randall back on their side. Judge Sears expresses frustration at Peter Corbin’s lack of progress in dealing with Lacey’s affairs. Terrence decides to end his working relationship with Duke, suspecting that he has feelings for Britney. Sloan manages to get Daniel inside the prison to visit Randall by briefly disabling the camera surveillance.

Meanwhile, Gideon takes Lacey to his house where they share drinks, and he offers comfort and support. Their emotional connection leads to passionate intimacy. While in bed, Lacey reveals that her mother will be released from prison, a long-awaited moment for her.

Despite the explosive events of the previous season, the indomitable Lacey McCullough (Maryam Basir) finds herself in a downward spiral. Her world is under siege as her enemies draw closer, with an FBI investigation threatening her and McCullough & Associates. Her loyal confidante has vanished without a trace, and she’s determined to free her mother from prison. But with her firm facing uncertainties and her personal life crumbling, including a custody battle for her daughter, Lacey must navigate whom to trust. As a renowned lawyer who has always fought relentlessly for her influential clients, she now faces the ultimate test—saving her own life. Will she be able to work her magic when everything is at stake?

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