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“Breaking the Mold: GALI Brings Innovation and Authenticity to Hip-Hop”

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GALI, the Shanghai-based rapper, has released new original music with the strikingly candid single, “21.” Making its debut as part of D.N.A, the music collective curated by Lay Zhang (LAY), this track sets out to propel emerging Chinese hip-hop artists onto the global stage with their talents. With LAY also serving as executive producer, “21” seamlessly merges seasoned artistry with fresh talent, creating an exhilarating musical fusion.

GALI, a revered figure in the Chinese music scene, has solidified his status as a prominent hip-hop artist. His accolades include a remarkable third-place finish on the highly acclaimed hip-hop reality show, “Rap of China,” as well as electrifying performances at renowned events like the esteemed 2022 Weibo Music Festival. With three albums and a collection of captivating singles already under his belt, his track, “70%,” has effortlessly garnered over 2.5 million streams on Spotify alone and is one of the most popular in the Eastern region.

LAY, formerly part of the K-pop sensation boy group EXO, remains a cross-genre idol across Asia as he delves deeper into his solo ventures. This multifaceted artist not only delivers chart-topping music but also commands the spotlight as a charismatic host on multiple reality shows. Armed with his diverse skill set, the icon consistently crafts signature beats that intertwine with his collaborators, exemplified by his seamless synergy with GALI on their latest anthem, “21.” The lyric video released is a wonderfully produced visual effects of a portrait of a symbolic gesture lingering with curiosity to explore the unknown.

The track is also produced by GRAMMY award-winning producer, Sool Got Hits who is a producer of the D.N.A Music Alliance. This release follows a string of singles out of the new music collective which includes LAY as executive producer. The releases are with multiple members of the alliance who are showcasing their talents. Just last month, “Break My Heart” was released with three members, GALI, Vinida and LAY all at the forefront of the collaboration while Vinida released her own single called, “What She Said,” earlier this month.

“21” is available on all streaming services, here. A captivating futuristic lyric video is available on D.N.A YouTube channel can be seen here. Follow GALI on Instagram here, D.N.A team on Instagram here and LAY on Instagram here.

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